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May 07, 2020 | Crystal Julia | 972 views
CHMHA Update - Banquet, AGM, Next Season, etc.
Hello Hockey Families! 

I wanted to write to you on behalf of our CHMHA executive to provide some updates on what is taking place within our association during these rapidly changing times. 

First, I want to reiterate that like you, we are deeply disappointed that our teams did not get to finish their hockey seasons due to COVID-19. As hockey families, we are always on the go, and I believe many of you, as we did, found it very strange to not be heading to the rink. We hope that you can talk with your children about the positives from this year and the memories and friendships they developed through the season. Hopefully, you will be able to have in-person or remote/virtual gatherings with your teams in the near future to help bring the season to a proper close. 

In the meantime, we do have some important information to share both about the end of this season and what could unfold for the 2020-2021 season. We receive regular communication from the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) about how things should proceed and expect to have more information in the near future. 
Juvenile OMHA Co-Champions
Our oldest team, the Juveniles, have many players who have been with us since the very beginning, and they were poised to enter what promised to be an exciting OMHA finals. For the first time ever, OMHA has named Co-Champions
 for each un-played OMHA series.
We would like to congratulate our Juvenile Players, Coaches and Families on being named OMHA Co- Champions. It was such an exciting season, and we look forward to getting you all your coveted Red Hats that should be delivered to us soon.

CHMHA Year End Banquet
We regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the year end banquet due to uncertainty of when social distancing will allow us to be together. This follows the actions of other associations.
Team Awards were previously ordered and will be provided to coaches to distribute at their discretion. Coaches, if you wish to have access to virtual meeting capability for any year end get together, please let me know and I can assist.

The OMHA has indicated that our regular AGM should take place in person or online by July 15, 2020. We have decided to host a virtual meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, June 16 at 7pm. Information on how to connect will be available on our CHMHA website.

Positions available for election include:

  • 1st Vice President (must have two years experience on the CHMHA executive)
  • 2nd Vice President (must have two years experience on the CHMHA executive)
  • Coaching Coordinator (must have two years experience on the CHMHA executive)
  • Director of Fundraising
  • Publicity Coordinator
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • Tournament Coordinator

Any non-executive member interested in standing for CHMHA elections at the AGM must provide written acknowledgement of their intentions to the President or 1st Vice President at least one week prior to the AGM.

Registration and Next Season

We are optimistic that we will have a hockey season next year. We have no idea what this could look like or when it will start, and we must take our lead from the OMHA here. We could have a regular season, a late start, or a season that looks completely different.


We are asking for those interested in playing next year to register on our website beginning May. Your registration is important so we can once again get an idea of numbers for teams next year.




In anticipation of a full season we will require full payment before a player steps on the ice for evaluations.


If we end up having a shorter season next year (e.g. a late start) we will be able to adjust registration fees prior to start up to reflect less ice time for teams.


Please be patient as we wait for direction from OMHA on what we can offer. We are anxious to have all our Grizzlies on the ice again, but not at the risk of the health of any of our players or families.

Coaching Applications

Coaching applications will be available on the CHMHA website no later than May. The deadline for application will be August 1, 2020. Please contact Gord Leonard with any questions.


We will keep you posted on information as it becomes available. In the meantime, please reach out to minor hockey executive with questions.


Thank You

Finally, thank you once again to everyone who has contributed to our minor hockey season this year. We take so many things for granted and with the removal of hockey we are reminded exactly how important this sport, our teams, and our hockey families are to our lives and our communities.


Without a year end banquet, we have lost the opportunity to say good-bye to some of the players who will be leaving our system. Some of our Juveniles played their last games, and some of our midgets as well. Depending on how next season unfolds, this could be the case for some of our younger players, too.


As you could see especially through playoffs with so many current and former players packing the stands, and surrounded by friends and so many community members, you have all been a part of something very special. Each one of you has helped us to continue our tradition of great hockey, teamwork, hockey families, and an enthusiastic and supportive community. You could feel the buzz in the rinks for each game, reminding us that we are a part of something special. You have all been the best of small town hockey.


We would like to thank all of you, players, coaches, families, who have been a part of this system and helped us create so many years of memories.


We are so hopeful to see all our Grizzlies at the rink soon.


Stay safe and healthy.


Yours in hockey,



Theresa Bailey on Behalf of CHMHA Executive

President, Centre Hastings Minor Hockey Association

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